The most popular massage I offer  at Heathrow! It is a session to relax you, to de-stress you, to explore your senses. A relax pleasurable experience which incorporates a massage technique working the whole body with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones. Treat yourself by getting a relaxing Massage, I am a well-respected, 31yrs old, been doing massage since 2006, I am of mainly South American and Native American descent, with a few other unique blends. I have a truly exotic look, with twinkling, seductive, brown eyes, high cheekbones, soft skin, sparkling white smile and a beautiful touch. My goal is for you to feel as if your tension has been transformed into relax and blissful elation and most importantly stress free through a mind body connection.

Your body will love you for this.

Hopefully I will welcome you for an amazing and unforgettable massage session soon.